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Multi-Day Experience for Brand Enthusiasts:

• Duration: 5 days (3 days of driving)

• Course content: principles of handling the vehicle on snow and ice, completing various section training sessions and final drives on handling courses

• Number of participants: maximum 50 (2 persons per vehicle)

• Driving programme in the cars provided from the Porsche product range, including e.g. 911 Carrera S, 718 Cayman S on up to 1.5 mm spiked tyres and use of Taycan as a special section*

• Instructors and driving programme of the Porsche Ice Experience

• 4 nights' accommodation with breakfast and dinner, lunch on 3 driving days

• Framework programme: Snowmobile tour (approx. 1 hour)

• Transfers according to programme (Kittilä airport, Hotel Levi Panorama, Porsche Driving Area Levi); Alternative travel not included in price

Information on accompanying persons and other optional additional services is available here.

*subject to change

Fuel consumptions/emissions * 911 Carrera S: Fuel consumption (in l/100 km) combined: 8,9 l; CO2 emissions combined: 205 g/km

Fuel consumptions/emissions *718 Cayman S: Fuel consumption (in l/100 km) combined: 8,5 l; CO2 emissions combined: 210-193 g/km

Hot Drifts at Sub-Zero Temperatures.

An intense driving experience on mirror-smooth ice surfaces that will give you butterflies. Every second of your stay. That is what you can expect at the Ice Experience. And the programme on offer away from the Porsche Driving Area will get pulses racing too. Alongside extreme driving fun, the programme also includes exciting adventures in the icy landscape. The snowmobile tour through endless snowy worlds will remain a topic of conversation for many years to come. As will driving a Porsche under impressive conditions.

Porsche Ice Experience in Levi, Finland

The programme includes learning the basics as well as the intensive driving experience on specially prepared sections and handling tracks. All with diverse Porsche models - which, depending on the drive concept, require different driving techniques. An aspect that will provide a lot of variety. With plenty of new techniques and a whole host of fun, the participants gain sovereignty on the mirror-smooth surface whilst laying the foundations for the next programmes, Ice Force and Ice Force Pro. This promises unadulterated motivation in every training session. Alongside the theory, the schedule includes driving safety, driving dynamics and, above all, driving practice. The dedicated and highly experienced instructors are always by your side. They will teach special techniques to make driving on snow and ice safe.

And the feeling of mastering and driving a Porsche under control even in these difficult situations - with special drifting techniques on specially prepared handling circuits –is simply indescribable. You just have to experience it.

Do not miss out on one of the most thrilling experiences you can ever enjoy in a Porsche.

Porsche Driving Area Levi, Finland

Location: ca. 170 km north of the Polar Circle, about 25 minutes away from the Hotel Levi Panorama

Porsche Ice Experience in Levi, Finland

The pulse of the Porsche Ice Experience beats in the far north of Finland: the Porsche Driving Area in Levi is also guaranteed to set our participants pulses racing.

As appropriate to the section and training level, the drivers preparation options available permit precise simulation of a wide range of driving situations. The conditions could not be better of a winter programme, especially for driving with spike tyres.

Your event schedule*

Arrival Day:

Individual arrival to Kittila (KTT) and organised airport transfer to the Hotel Levi Panorama

Introduction to the Porsche Experience team and Welcome Dinner

1st Driving Day:

Exclusive breakfast at the Porsche Lounge

Theoretical drivers‘s briefing

Transfer to the Porsche Driving Area and start of the Ice Experience on snow and ice

Dinner at chosen restaurants

2nd Driving Day:

Exclusive breakfast at the Porsche Lounge

Ice Experience on snow and ice

Snowmobile tour from the Porsche Driving Area to the restaurant

Dinner at chosen restaurant

3rd Driving Day:

Exclusive breakfast at the Porsche Lounge

Ice Experience on snow and ice

Farewell Dinner with the team of the Porsche Experience

Departure Day:

Exclusive breakfast at the Porsche Lounge

Check-out until noon and transfer according to the departure times

*subject to change

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Contact Information

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Porsche Ice Experience Team on ice@porscheexperience.de or +49 (0)711 911-28900.

Additional Information

Levi offers a variety of winter experiences and activities.

For further information please contact the following departments.

Individual reservations: panorama@golevi.fi

Group reservations: porscheexperience@golevi.fi