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More Time Behind the Wheel. For that Extra Dose of Adrenaline.

The Ice Experience training level puts your driving skills on the ice track to the test. But the next challenge is already waiting. In Ice Force, you spend even more time behind the wheel – and take on varied sections and long handling tracks. The goal: to further push your motoring skills to the limit.

Responsiveness of hand and, particularly, foot is required as you learn to control your vehicle using the accelerator and brake pedals. And to make the most of load change reactions for safe cornering. Equipped with spiked tyres, you will discover the fascinating potential of lateral acceleration. In addition, the instructors introduce you in theory and practice to a range of Porsche models and share with you their in-depth knowledge of driving physics and driver reaction.

After 3 adrenaline-fuelled days, you are guaranteed to be perfectly prepared for winter. And ready for the next and highest training level: Ice Force Pro.

Now it is up to you – are you ready to venture onto black ice?

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