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Posted on: 12.06.2019

Demanding. Exhilarating. Alpine Performance.

Impressive mountain passes. Countless twists and turns. The Italian Alps around Merano have plenty to offer, from the air as well as by road. On an exclusive helicopter flight, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view o...

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Posted on: 12.06.2019

Master Cup – For Big Emotions. Racing Emotions.

Take your first step towards motorsport with us – and feel the difference: in high-performance Porsche race cars. At one of the fastest and safest racing venues in the world: the legendary Grand Prix circuit at...

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Posted on: 27.05.2019

Classic Cars – with Hans-Joachim Stuck and Rarities from the Jägermeister Racing Team.

Pure passion, maximum driving pleasure and emotions that go beyond power steering or traction control. The Classic Cars training is all about classic vehicles. Highlights include the world-famous racing driver...

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Posted on: 14.05.2019

Timo Bernhard. A World Champion as a Teacher.

Nothing drives us on more than a common goal. Nothing gives us more strength than a shared dream. This is what we believe in at the Porsche Track Experience. That is why we were particularly pleased in 2016 to...

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Posted on: 03.05.2019

Antiquity Meets Modernity.

Winding mountain roads, azure blue sea and places steeped in history. Discover the diverse landscape of the Greek mainland from a unique perspective: the driver's seat of a Porsche. In addition to cultural...

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Posted on: 26.04.2019

Precision – Your First Step with the Porsche Track Experience.

A Porsche always challenges you to drive a little faster, brake a second later and turn in a bit harder. Our Precision training teaches you to master the limits of driving physics. The focus is on precise vehi...

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Posted on: 16.04.2019

Wintery adventures: unique moments that will inspire.

Finnish Lapland – one of the northernmost regions of the world. Hardly any other place on earth experiences such a range of different weather conditions. No wonder that they have eight seasons here. But one thi...

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Posted on: 09.04.2019

Available to Book Now: the Porsche Travel Experience Shangri-La.

Culture, curves and culinary delights. With the Porsche Travel Experience Shangri-La, you will explore the fascinating appeal of China behind the wheel of a true legend. Discover local specialities and culture...

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Posted on: 01.04.2019

Many Adventures Are Difficult to Plan. Not With Us.

Always new, always different. It is time to start turning your big plans for 2020 into a reality. What awaits you in the far north of Finland? Four winter programmes, high-performance Porsche models and plenty...

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Posted on: 31.03.2019

One Shared Passion. Many Unforgettable Moments.

Mastering snow and ice in a Porsche. With every second and every drift – an incredible feeling. In 2019, we were once again drawn back to the place where extreme winter conditions prevail and emotions are at t...

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Posted on: 31.03.2019

The Last Remaining Slots – The Porsche Travel Experience Stuttgart/Leipzig.

Two great locations. One fascinating story. Plus an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes at Porsche. The Porsche Travel Experience Stuttgart/Leipzig takes you on the most beautiful routes to two of Germany’s mo...

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Posted on: 29.03.2019

Down Under. Along the Great Ocean Road.

Sometimes we believe in things we cannot see. Other times we cannot actually believe what we are seeing. Australia – a continent that fascinates in every way. Modern cities, cultural impressions and, not least...

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Posted on: 25.03.2019

g-Force – Exploring the Limits of Physics.

Driving in a straight line – anybody can do that. The perfect drift, on the other hand, requires a lot of practice. There is a good reason why the art of drifting counts as one of the highest forms of precision...

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Posted on: 28.02.2019

Training Level: Performance – the Next Challenge Ahead.

At Porsche, we are concerned with the continual further development of both car and driver. The next challenge already awaits. Or as we say at the Porsche Track Experience: Precision is followed by Performance....

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Posted on: 26.02.2019

Porsche Travel Experience Iceland – the Last Remaining Slots.

Fiery volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, massive glaciers. In just a few weeks, it will be time to discover Iceland all over again. Over seven fascinating days, you can expect a host of impressions and memories...

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Posted on: 22.02.2019

Racing Experience on Ice - Mission Finland Accomplished.

Nothing drives us more than a common goal. Nothing connects us more than shared success. That is what we believe in at Porsche. Let us look back together on a history of courage, passion and ambition. A story ...

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Posted on: 31.01.2019

Surprising Perspectives, New Insights. Current Impressions.

A Porsche does not need the sun to make it shine. The proof for this can be found in the far north of Finland. As is the case every January, the unspoilt countryside here is transformed into a fascinating play...

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Posted on: 31.01.2019

Adrenaline Rush Required? No Problem – with Our Porsche Model Range.

Time for a sporting challenge? Our Warm-up training is aimed at anyone wishing to discover the fascinating appeal of Porsche in a variety of models. Even if they are not yet a Porsche owner. Join us on the FIA...

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Posted on: 31.01.2019

New Routes, New Destinations. The Porsche Travel Experience 2019.

It is time to break new ground and discover some of the most beautiful parts of the world. In addition to our well-known classics, the programme now also includes some new destinations for even more variety. ...

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Posted on: 13.01.2019

Bored through the Winter? No Chance. It’s Time to Get Going!

One can only guess whats happening on the horizon. A Porsche 911 Turbo S disappears in a cloud of snow. The first rays of sunshine shimmer on the tiny crystals. Shortly after, the white veil settles and the ico...

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Posted on: 17.12.2018

It’s good to set your sights on new goals, but also to look back now and then.

For us, having a vision means working on the future. It means always carrying on. However, there are also times when we pause to reflect on and celebrate those special moments. Our Master Cup training at the C...

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Posted on: 11.12.2018

Silent Night, Holy Night. We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

The smell of cookies fills the room, colourful lights sparkle in the windows and only a few doors of the Advent calendar remain unopened. There is no doubt about it: the year is drawing to a close and Christmas...

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Posted on: 07.12.2018

Two Great Locations with Stories to Tell.

For all those who not only want to discover the fascinating appeal of Porsche, but to explore every facet of it up close. Immerse yourself in the very home of this traditional family-owned business, from the p...

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Posted on: 09.11.2018

The Best Thing about Winter Time? The Anticipation of What Lies Ahead.

Spectacular drifts on snow and ice – all day long. In various Porsche models in a winter wonderland north of the Arctic Circle. One thing is clear: in Finland, things are about to really get started in 2019. W...

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Posted on: 08.11.2018

New in the 2019 Programme: the Porsche Travel Experience Iceland.

Fiery volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, massive glaciers. Could a country be any more full of contrasts? With the Porsche Travel Experience Iceland, every day brings a variety of impressions and experiences th...

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Posted on: 05.11.2018

The Starting Line-up for the 2019 Porsche Track Experience.

The Porsche Track Experience is ready to kick off the new season and, once again, anything is possible. From braking during aquaplaning through to a thrilling finale on the Formula One circuit. One thing is ce...

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Posted on: 17.10.2018

The First Highlight in 2019.

Are you ready for the first highlight of the Porsche Travel Experience 2019? Grasp the opportunity and secure yourself one of the last slots for the Porsche Travel Experience Australia/Tasmania. What awaits yo...

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Posted on: 16.10.2018

A Skilful Start on Snow and Ice.

Improved vehicle control, shorter reaction times, knowledge of how to deal with precarious situations. You can expect all this from the Ice Experience entry level. Alongside extreme enjoyment at the wheel, the...

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Posted on: 04.10.2018

High Emotions despite Temperatures below Freezing.

The SkyWheel at Katajanokka harbour in Helsinki is the biggest Ferris wheel in Finland. With 30 gondolas that promise a fascinating 360-degree view over the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Anything but ordinary. Lo...

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Posted on: 28.09.2018

Porsche Travel Experience. Our 2019 Season.

Are you ready for the world’s most beautiful roads – and amazing highlights along the way? Secure yourself an exclusive 2019 driving experience made by Porsche. Not some time in the future, but right here and n...

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Posted on: 17.09.2018

Four Winter Programmes Tailored to Your Profile.

The most important part of a success story is always the next chapter. Expand your limits and learn how to drive safely and dynamically under extreme winter conditions north of the Arctic Circle. Ice Experien...

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Posted on: 14.08.2018

Available Now – Dates for the 2019 Season.

An ice-covered circuit, pure driving pleasure and a big dose of adrenaline. One thing is clear: a winter training course in Levi is the most beautiful and exhilarating way to experience icy conditions. Disco...

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Posted on: 09.08.2018

Customised events in true Porsche style.

Those who prefer to blaze their own trails don’t need to follow the lead of others. Take up your own personal challenge – exhilarating and ambitious for the ultimate driving pleasure, and discover the fascinat...

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Posted on: 22.06.2018

Ready for the Next Drift? The 2019 Season.

Past, present, future: the Porsche experience is simply unparalleled. We are therefore preparing to shift things up a gear again in the forthcoming season. With our Porsche Ice Experience programmes. All dates...

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Posted on: 11.05.2018

70 Years of Sports Cars. The Porsche Principle.

The story of Porsche begins with a vision – and tells how this vision became a reality. At the end of the 1940s, Ferry Porsche made a decision with far-reaching consequences. In order to turn his long-held dre...