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Dear customers/enthusiasts/visitors to the Porsche Experience website,

Please be advised that, owing to the rapidly rising coronavirus infection rates in Europe and worldwide, and the ensuing travel restrictions introduced by the Finnish government, regrettably, all Porsche Ice Experience events scheduled for 2021 in Levi, Finland, have been cancelled. This is a precautionary measure due to the unpredictability of future developments.

If you have made a booking for one of these events, we would like to ask for your patience. The Porsche Ice Experience team will contact you personally soon.

Should you have any general queries, please contact:

Telephone: +49 (0) 711 508 705 29

Thank you for your understanding and see you again in the near future at one of the various Porsche Experience events.

You could hardly imagine the fascinating experiences that await Porsche enthusiasts in and around Levi, between the endless pine forests of Lapland. As soon as the roar of the first powerful Porsche engines is heard, the almost magical peace is swept away and transformed into an adrenaline-packed excitement of driver training on the ice tracks of the Porsche Driving Area in Levi.

Get to know the sportive driving on ice and snow under extreme conditions and the guidance of our qualified instructors from another side. With lots of driving fun as a constant companion.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure – packed with adrenaline and the sheer joy of driving at the limit. Enjoy the indescribable feeling of Porsche performance in its purest form. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Levi.