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One-Day Course for First-Time and Advanced Participants.

Designed for sports drivers and the devoted owners of Porsche cars up to the Porsche 996, or for drivers of models from other manufacturers produced up to and including the year 2000 – the Classic Cars training brings vintage motor enthusiasts and experts together for a very special event.

You can enjoy one day full of classic design, automotive passion and plenty of driving pleasure. In focus: the confident handling of classic cars – with no intervention from modern safety systems. The course is designed to help you explore the performance potential of your classic sports car, lap after lap. Naturally, experienced instructors are on hand at all times with tips and advice to ensure that your valuable vintage car is not put under too much strain.

A special training atmosphere, expert guidance and maximum driving pleasure are the cornerstones of this one-day course. Participants must complete the training in their own vehicles.

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