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Three-Day Course for First-Time and Advanced Participants.

Standing still and spectator sports not your thing? Then how about a DMSB racing licence? On this course, in just three days we help you to achieve your goal: the racetrack. The programme includes specific exercises and intensive training units. With the support of a Porsche works driver. So you can put the first champagne shower behind you.

At the start of your training, you learn how to handle your vehicle correctly and how to respond appropriately to hazardous situations. Practical exercises in small groups help to ensure that you maintain control of your vehicle at all times. You will be accompanied throughout by our instructors, all of whom have been certified by the DMSB. The second training unit focuses on the S curve: you will practise specifically how to find the optimum line through a sequence of bends, thereby improving your command of the car.

You then familiarise yourself with the key motorsport-oriented aspects of the training, focusing on elements such as race etiquette and racing flags, while Porsche Human Performance Coaching takes care of your physical fitness. The driving programme includes precision braking and controlled acceleration out of a bend. On the finishing straight, it’s time to clear the last hurdle before obtaining your licence: the final theory test set by the DMSB.

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