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Master Nürburgring GP & Nordschleife

Training overview:

• Course duration: 2 days

• Prior training level: Performance

• Car: own car or Porsche hire car

• Training venue: Nürburgring GP & Nordschleife (track layout 24h Nürburgring)

• Training objective: optimising the skills required in motor racing

• Next level up: Master Licence, Master GT, Master GT4 and special trainings

Training content:

• Following the racing line quickly and independently

• Developing alternative racing lines

• Individual laps with one-2-one coaching

• Influence of chassis and tyres on road-going vehicles

• Lapping

Nürburgring GP & Nordschleife (GER)


• Track length: 25.9 km

• Track width: 10–25 m

• Number of corners: 90

The history-charged Nürburgring consists of 2 racetracks, which can be connected to one big circuit or be used independently: The Nürburgring Nordschleife and the Grand-Prix Circuit, the latter mostly known of the Formula 1 races.
Not without reason is the Nordschleife known as the ‘Green Hell’. Built in 1927, this racetrack dates from another era, when mistakes were punished severely. The varied and sometimes sharply undulating layout also features a number of humps and dips. With its large difference in altitude, rapid succession of fast and medium-paced curves and relatively narrow track, the Nordschleife also calls for precise mastery of the vehicle. This is exactly what makes it a superlative racing venue, guaranteeing maximum motoring pleasure for discerning drivers.

The Grand Prix circuit at the Nürburgring is one of the fastest and safest tracks in the world. Reconstruction at the beginning of the 1980s led to a circuit that offers variety even for experienced racing drivers due to the varying altitude and demanding chicanes. Particular challenges include the hairpin bend after the finishing straight, which calls for braking at exactly the right point on entry and careful acceleration on exit. Or a slow 180-degree bend that leads uphill to a very fast combination of corners.

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