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Two-Day Course for Advanced Participants.

Have you successfully completed the Precision level? Then welcome to Performance training. On this course, the Porsche Track Experience will teach you more driving tricks and manoeuvres, and adapt your performance to the performance of your car. Expand your limits. No matter which Porsche model you are driving.

This driving safety course concentrates mainly on further improving your vehicle control. As a participant you should possess certain basic knowledge, such as how to find the most suitable seat position, develop optimum vision control and respond correctly when the vehicle threatens to oversteer at low speeds. Then the pace increases – along with your safety at the wheel.

In addition to a theory session geared towards performance driving and advanced exercises on driver safety, the first day includes a chance to familiarise yourself with the respective sequence of bends and find the ideal racing line. Intensive sections are aimed at further improving your command of the car, lap after lap. Accurate and effective braking when entering a corner and avoiding unnecessary steering inputs are primarily a question of practice. One of the main on-road training modules is ‘lapping’ – the opportunity to finely hone your skills over the entire circuit.

Porsche Track Experience instructors monitor your driving throughout and assess your progress at the end. However, here too, the emphasis is on improving your ability rather than driving at high speeds.

You must have completed a Performance training course before you can take part in the next level – the Master training.

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