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Train Virtually – Gain in Reality.

Discover and drive on new, spectacular racetracks around the world. Consistently hone your racing line and further perfect your driving skills. Explore alternative lines. Experience maximum driving pleasure and thrills. Interact and compete with other motorsport enthusiasts. Without even leaving your home. All this is now possible – with the new Virtual Track Experience.

Enjoy the fascination of motorsport in a new dimension – on your home gaming computer. Use the incredible virtual possibilities of the Assetto Corsa racing simulation software to prepare for upcoming Porsche Track Experience events. In an astonishingly realistic and flexible way. Stay in touch with other drivers via the Discord communication platform. And decide for yourself when you want to train. The server is available 24/7 free of charge.

As a beginner, would you like to get a perfect start in the exciting world of sim racing? Let yourself be supported by an experienced instructor as part of the Virtual Track Experience offer. Accompanying the roll-out professionally, the SIM instructor introduces you to the basics of hardware and software and perfectly adjusts the set-up to your needs.

If you already have experience, but would like some new inspiration, the Porsche Track Experience is happy to assist you. With personal coaching and individual training plans, you can achieve maximum learning success. 

Get started with the new Virtual Track Experience. Unleash your driving potential. With a wide variety of vehicle types. On different racetracks. More conveniently than ever before.

To book the Virtual Track Experience, please contact the Porsche Track Experience team by phone on +49 (0) 711 508 705 49 or send an e-mail to

And one thing is certain: one challenge is followed by the next. With the Virtual Racing Experience, further exciting sim training sessions await you.