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Posted on: 23.03.2020

The Heights of Driving Pleasure.

Julier Pass, Ofen Pass, Timmelsjoch – for some people these are only the names of mountain passes. But for Porsche enthusiasts they create a symphony of 1,000 curves. Boasting ever steeper gradients and breatht...

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Posted on: 18.03.2020

Sleep. Drift. Repeat. Porsche Ice Experience 2020.

We do not drive just to get from A to B. We need to feel that life is dynamic. And we love to drive a sports car – especially north of the Arctic Circle. Enjoying every day, and every drift. Amongst endless pi...

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Posted on: 05.03.2020

Which Porsche Would You Like to Drive?

Are you dreaming of driving a Porsche on the recently opened PEC Hockenheimring (GER)? With the Warm-up and E-Warm-up training you can expect a day full of the thrills of a sports car. Warm-up Discover how it ...

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Posted on: 12.11.2019

Ice Force – Always on Top Form.

Every training session offers limits to exceed. Time for the next drift. The next winter sports challenge. On the extensive ice tracks of the Porsche Driving Area in Levi, Finland. Are you ready to start all o...

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Posted on: 04.11.2019

The Ice Whisperers of the Porsche Driving Area.

When the first snows carpet the Porsche Driving Area. When the upper levels of the ground are frozen and Levi is transformed into a fascinating winter landscape. Then it is time to turn this icy idyll into a po...

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Posted on: 31.10.2019

Welcome to the Porsche Ice Experience

Life is a series of moments. There are over half a million minutes in a year. But how many of them are really memorable? It is memories that make our lives, not material things. Sometimes, the opportunities are...

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Posted on: 31.10.2019

Behind the Scenes

It is the middle of the night. It all happens unnoticed. The endless miles of fresh ice prepared for the day of driving ahead and the final check of the engines of up to 90 Porsche models. All of the excitement...

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Posted on: 31.10.2019

Welcome to Lapland

The sound of a snowmobile in the distance cuts through the quiet of the winter landscape. Bitter cold. There is no sign of the warm Gulf Stream that wraps the rest of northern Europe in more pleasant temperatur...

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Posted on: 15.10.2019

Available Now – the 2020 Event Dates.

The international routes offered by the Porsche Travel Experience continue to provide plenty of variety in 2020. Book your unforgettable driving experience – right here and now. More Information

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Posted on: 14.10.2019

Pass roads – as far as the eye can see.

The Swiss Alps are not only very popular with hikers, mountain bikers and winter sports enthusiasts. Thanks to their countless pass roads, such as the Bernina Pass, the Nufenen Pass or the Gotthard Pass, fans...

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Posted on: 23.08.2019

Precision All Along the Line.

Step in and discover typical Porsche driving precision and performance – with our Precision training for first-time participants. Whether at Porsche in Leipzig (GER) or the Driving Center Baden (GER), one thing...