Four Winter Programmes Tailored to Your Profile.

The most important part of a success story is always the next chapter. Expand your limits and learn how to drive safely and dynamically under extreme winter conditions north of the Arctic Circle.

Ice Experience
Ice Experience focuses on the basics of driving as well as on an intense motoring experience on snow and black ice. At the wheel of a Porsche. Or, in accordance with Finnish tradition, on a snowmobile tour. One thing is certain: the first challenge is always something special. Particularly if it is your first time at the Porsche Ice Experience, which is why the first training level bears the same name.

Ice Force
On our Ice Force course, you hone your driving skills with precision. In a range of vehicles with different drive concepts, you will experience incredible lateral acceleration on snow and ice.

Ice Force Pro
Taking you to the limit of driving physics. At Ice Force Pro, you not only drive in extreme conditions, but also in a variety of Porsche models.

Ice Cup
The latest motorsports challenge in Arctic conditions. The focus is on skilfully manoeuvring GT race cars in a highly demanding environment.

The best thing about becoming a professional on snow and ice is that you drive and drive and drive – until you have perfected the final drift.

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