Minus-Degree Temperatures but a Warm Heart Nevertheless? There Can Only Be One Reason.

Duration: 7 days

Tour highlights

  • One-day driving course on snow and ice
  • Drive through the breathtaking Scandinavian winter landscape
  • Visit to the North Cape
  • Swim in a survival suit
  • Fish for king crabs

Winter is approaching. On the road from Levi in Finland to the North Cape of Norway. This tour promises snow, ice and arctic conditions. So, perfect conditions for you and a Porsche Cayenne, with which you will tackle demanding drives – and master the icy Arctic environment. Honestly, how could anyone be left feeling cold by this travel experience?


Your itinerary

Day 1

When you arrive at Kittilä Airport in Finnish Lapland, we will meet you and take you to the nearby winter sports resort of Levi. You will receive a warm welcome at the Hotel Levi Panorama – before we get you in the right mood for the next few days, over a communal dinner.

Day 2
Porsche Driving Centre Levi

To prepare for the winter road conditions, you have a one-day driving course in the Porsche Driving Centre Levi. A warm-up session, so to speak, for the next few days. You can even have your dinner served right on the track. You spend the night again in the Hotel Levi Panorama. Definitely not without some thoughts about the next day.

Day 3
Levi – Kautokeino – Alta

The next day begins with a sporting and adventurous spirit, in a Porsche Cayenne. Driving from Levi to Alta, a town in the north Norwegian province of Finnmark. There is hardly any traffic here – but lots of reindeer. At the Norwegian border, the time goes back one hour. You will enjoy every second of the journey to the Thon Hotel in Kautokeino – and the lunch to follow. And there’s even more to enjoy in the afternoon. Through the dramatic landscape of fjords and mountains en route to Alta. Where an amazing view over the sea awaits you. Your last stop today is the Ongajok Mountain Lodge in Mathisdalen, about 20 kilometres from Alta. The drive there takes you on a narrow road through an isolated area of forest. Surrounded by mountains and far away from civilisation, the lodge provides an incomparable backdrop of unspoiled nature. Relax in the sauna before enjoying a communal evening meal.

Fuel consumption* Cayenne Turbo S: Combined in l/100 km (mpg) 11.5 (24.6); CO2 emissions in g/km 267.

Day 4
Alta – North Cape – Honningsvag

Today you and your Porsche Cayenne set off early for the North Cape. The route takes you over seashores and fjords. The last 13 kilometres in convoy, lead by a snowplough. Towards an amazing view: a plateau on top of a cliff. Towering some 300 m out of the polar sea. Next, you travel on to Honningsvåg, one of the northernmost cities of Europe. At this harbour city, you and your Porsche Cayenne will board the Hurtigruten – Norwegian for ‘the fast route’. As this post ship steers towards Kirkenes, enjoy dinner with a wonderful view of the coast – before spending the night on board.

Day 5

There’s a lot to do in Kirkenes, for example you might take a swim in the sea. Refreshingly enjoyable in a survival suit. Then there’s a drive to the Kirkenes Snowhotel, where you will be welcomed with a small snack. Afterwards there’s a short husky trip. Then you go fishing for king crabs, by sledge pulled by a snowmobile. Back at the Snowhotel, you can look forward to a warm dinner and an extraordinary night’s stay. The Kirkenes Snowhotel is situated in the very heart of nature and its snow and ice sculptures make it one of the attractions of the Arctic. A night to remember.

Day 6
Kirkenes – Inari – Levi

The Porsche Cayenne, long straight roads and never-ending expanses. That’s what awaits you on the drive from Kirkenes back to Finland. Close to the Finnish municipality of Inari, you have lunch – and then drive on into the night. To a Sami hut, where you will have dinner before spending the night at the Hotel Levi Panorama.

Day 6

On the last day, you can stay on longer if you have booked additional nights – or travel home individually. You are sure to have plenty of souvenirs to take with you.

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Contact Information

For more information, please call

+49 711 911-23360

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Additional Information

Minimum number of participants:

8 people

Package includes:

  • 1 day driving course on snow and ice
  • 4 day driving experience in a Porsche Cayenne (two persons per vehicle)
  • 6 nights’ accommodation with breakfast:
    • 3 nights at the Hotel Levi Panorama
    • 1 night at the Ongajok Mountain Lodge
    • 1 night on board the Hurtigruten
    • 1 night at the Kirkenes Snowhotel
  • Lunch on 5 days, dinner on 6 evenings