The Calm and the Storm.

Duration: 7 days

Tour highlights:

  • Art and culture in Reykjavík
  • A trip up to a glacier by helicopter
  • Experiencing Iceland’s impressive landscape from a Porsche 911

Elves and whales, glaciers and geysers, legends and legendary volcanic landscapes – Iceland has to be seen to be believed, ideally through the windscreen of a Porsche 911. Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings and discover a land that will captivate its visitors.


Your itinerary

Day 1

Velkomin til Ísland. Keflavík Airport is the gateway to another world. Reykjavík, the capital city and located just 45 minutes away, offers visitors a warm welcome at Reykjavík Konsulat Hotel and invites them to take a short early-evening stroll for their first visit to the harbour and the avant-garde Harpa concert hall. At the high-class restaurant Kolabrautin, which is based there, an excellent dinner is accompanied by humorous insights from an Icelandic artist about the peculiarities of his fellow countrymen: ‘How to become Icelandic in 30 minutes’. The perfect preparation for the next six days.

Did you know…? The spectacular ‘Harpa’ opera and concert hall – the new home of the Icelandic symphony orchestra and opera – opened in the capital Reykjavík in 2011. The spectacular façade bears all the hallmarks of renowned artist Olafur Eliasson.

Day 2

A morning walk through Reykjavík is also a great experience, especially as part of a guided tour. And after exploring the capital, it’s time to discover the island – behind the wheel of a Porsche 911. The sports cars make their way past solidified lava fields towards the south coast. Here, visitors will make an extraordinary stop, where they will see the Hellisheiði power plant, one of the world’s largest and most modern geothermal power plants. After learning some interesting facts about geothermal energy in Iceland, the heart of every Porsche lover will be racing once again, as they take on the Nesjavellir route to Thingvellir National Park. The narrow road winds its way through the gorges of the rift valley area. The exclusive Eldar Lodge is located in the heart of Iceland’s unique landscape – a private refuge far away from the swarms of tourists.

Did you know...? Iceland’s geothermal power plants supply around a quarter of the country’s entire electricity demands and 90 per cent of its heat energy for heating and hot water. All in all, Iceland’s entire energy demands come from geothermal energy and hydro energy, exclusively from renewable energy sources.

Day 3

It is practically impossible to explore the incredibly varied natural wonders of the highlands of the island in a single day – but it is worth a try. Travelling by Porsche and by helicopter, we enter the glacial and volcanic world, featuring countless geysers, the vast Gullfoss waterfall and the Langjökull glacier. Over a rustic lunch, there is a chance for a little breather, before we move deeper and deeper into a world that offers up new cause for amazement with every step. Back at Eldar Lodge, traditional Icelandic dishes from the private top chef are every bit the match of the day’s top attractions.

Did you know…? Gullfoss means ‘golden waterfall’. According to the legend, it owes its name to a wealthy farmer. As there was no one to inherit his collection of gold, he unceremoniously tossed his chest along with all of his gold into the raging waters of the waterfall. Evidently with some success, as his gold remains undiscovered to this day. So, it might be worth keeping your eyes open.

Day 4

The Mosfellsheiði plateau is situated in the far west of Iceland. The crossing offers impressive views of the rugged mountain landscape and the picturesque fjord. During lunch right by the sea, it is also advised to look past your plate and take in the beautiful horizon. On the Snæfellsnes peninsula, too, many will want to take home some photographic memories of the world-famous volcano Snæfelljökull. During the drive around the volcano, it can be marvelled at abundantly from every side. Along by the Arctic Ocean, crater landscapes and mighty lava flows, the route leads to the traditional Hótel Búðir. In this unique atmosphere, the legends and myths of Iceland – presented by one of Iceland’s most famous storytellers – take on a very special effect.

Did you know...? The rugged landscape here inspired Jules Verne. In his classic novel ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, the volcano Snæfelljökull marked the entry point to the underworld. In the real world, the volcano is the symbol of the island of ice and fire, also because its former crater is covered by a large snow and ice cap.

Day 5

The rugged northern part of Iceland not only exerts a magical attraction on compass needles, but also on daring food lovers. On their way from the far west almost into the Arctic Circle, they can sample the traditional speciality of Hákarl – the meat of the Greenland shark which is known for its intense smell and flavour. Of course, there are also other culinary delicacies to enjoy at lunch while enjoying views of the Miðfjörður fjord. The small town of Siglufjörður once owed its reputation as an Icelandic utopia to the abundance of fish in the fjord. Thanks to seemingly inexhaustible supplies of herring, it was one of the largest cities in the country at the beginning of the 19th century. The local herring museum opens a door to this golden era. Between old fishing boats, nets and herring casks, the specialities presented in the evening are an unforgettable taste experience.

Did you know...? With a little luck, the night sky will lay on an impressive natural spectacle. We’re talking about the famous Northern Lights, of course. If needed, the hotel will provide a wake-up call to ensure that nobody misses out on this thrilling phenomenon.

Day 6

The last leg of the tour to Akureyri and the final return flight to Reykjavík also provide lasting memories. From the window of an aeroplane, you can experience completely new perspectives of the highland areas of the island. At the newly opened hotel The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, located right beside the Blue Lagoon, you can reflect on the many impressions of the trip in a relaxed setting.

Did you know…? The water in the Blue Lagoon comes from the nearby geothermal power plant and has a pleasant temperature of 37-42°C. The water owes its distinctive colour to silicic acid, which primarily reflects blue light rays when the sun is shining.

Day 7

A round trip must come to an end back at its starting point, but the love for Iceland will never end. Accordingly, the Icelandic people do not say ‘farewell’, but rather ‘hittast aftur’, or ‘see you soon’. Those who would like to stay there can do so spontaneously. The drive to Keflavík International Airport takes just a few minutes.

Did you know…? Iceland is not only rich in natural phenomena. It also offers its inhabitants one of the highest standards of living and the highest per capita income in the world. With around 350,000 inhabitants, it is the least densely populated country in Europe.

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Contact Information

For more information, please call
+49 711 911-23360
or e-mail travel@porscheexperience.de.

Additional Information

Minimum number of participants:

8 people

Package includes:

  • 4 days’ driving experience in a provided Porsche
    (2 people per vehicle)
  • Airport transfers from/to Keflavík International Airport
  • “How to become Icelandic in 30 minutes” artistic performance
  • Reykjavík city tour
  • A geological tour of Thingvellir National Park
  • Visit to geothermal power plant
  • Shark meat tasting
  • Activities day including a helicopter ride (weather-dependent)
  • An Icelandic storyteller
  • Various admission fees
  • A chartered flight from Akureyri to Reykjavík
  • 6 nights’ accommodation with breakfast:
    • 1 night at the Reykjavík Konsúlat Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton
    • 2 nights at the Eldar Lodge
    • 1 night at the Hótel Búðir
    • 1 night at the Sigló Hótel
    • 1 night at the hotel The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland
  • Lunch on 5 days, dinner on 6 evenings
  • Luggage shuttle
  • A welcome gift