Small Island. Big Adventure.

What to expect: 10 exciting and varied days in Tasmania

Tour highlights:

  • Visit Hobart and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Port Arthur
  • Helicopter flight to Bangor Vineyard Shed
  • Driving thrills on over half the stages of the famous Targa Tasmania rally
  • Stay in the award-winning luxury resort of Saffire Freycinet
  • Boat trip to Wineglass Bay
  • Visit of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

Along with continental land mass, the Commonwealth of Australia also includes small groups of islands, of which the largest island is Tasmania. Framed on either side by the Pacific and Indian Oceans, a unique animal and plant life has developed on this island in the southern hemisphere, which – along with numerous other highlights – simply has to be discovered. Ideally in a Porsche. Visit the capital city Hobart on the River Derwent. Discover the spectacular national park and vineyards. Fly in a helicopter. Experience the unique nature and wildlife of Tasmania. And above all, experience pure driving thrills on individual stages of the famous Targa Tasmania rally behind the wheel of a Porsche.


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Day 1

Ahead of the southeastern tip of Australia in the Tasman Sea lies, as the name suggests, the island of Tasmania. Hobart is located in the south, directly on the coast, and marks the starting point for a voyage of discovery. There is lots to see in Hobart, particularly the historic Ocean Pier, home to exclusive design hotel Macq 01. Every room in the hotel tells the story of a different Tasmanian icon. From here, you can explore the port. The Landscape Restaurant and Grill is the perfect place to get to know your fellow travellers.

Day 2

Today, you will reach for the sky. Explore the southeast of Tasmania by helicopter. The famous, former convict colony of Port Arthur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is most certainly worth visiting. The second half of the day is all about Tasmanian wine. So, it’s a good thing that the helicopter will make a stop at Bangor Vineyard Shed. The owners have some exciting stories to tell about the shed.
However, simply looking may not be enough Thankfully, after dinner at the hotel, there will be an opportunity for wine tasting. Those who are interested will be brought to the superb Tasmanian family winery Pooley Wines. A name that carries real weight and flavour.

Did you know? The award-winning Pooley Wines estate is particularly famous for its Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio. A name that makes connoisseurs sit up and take notice.

Day 3

Longley and Grasstree Hill are stages of the famous Targa Tasmania rally – and, of course, the perfect driving routes for a Porsche. The rally atmosphere will offer up fresh perspectives from the cockpit of a sports car. Speaking of fresh perspectives, a pit stop on the mountain over the capital of Hobart offers breathtaking views of the entire Derwent estuary. Back down at sea level, Frogmore Creek Winery promises excellent food and views at lunch time, before you continue on to Richmond. This popular destination in the Coal River Valley is famous for its elegant, Georgian architecture. For the final time, the day draws to an end at the magnificent Macq 01 hotel.

Did you know? Targa Tasmania is a five-day rally that has been running annually on the Australian island since 1992.

Day 4
Hobart – Lake St. Clair

Your Porsche is ready and waiting for an exciting drive towards the picturesque Lake St. Clair. First Molesworth, then Tarraleh – further stages of Targa Tasmania – are on route. The Tarraleah section, in particular, is one of the most challenging parts of the famous rally and is waiting for you to master it. At the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery, you can enjoy some very special refreshments. From the exterior, it is clear that this large building was once a school in the nineteenth century. Now, people come here to learn how to prepare delightful lunches using home-grown, local vegetables. Visitors will not just take great impressions home with them, but also newly learned recipes. So, it’s a good thing that conquering turns and hairpin bends are a sure-fire way to work up an appetite. After class and lunch, the journey continues, going past Russell Falls, which can only be reached by taking a short walk through the Mount Field National Park rainforest. Back behind the wheel of the Porsche and, after a stop at the hotel the journey continues to the ‘Wall in the Wilderness’. This is an ambitious art project by the Australian Greg Duncan, which tells the history of the highlands, featuring realistic carvings made from 100 metres of wooden board. After a day filled with memorable impressions, you can replenish your soul and your feet in the water at the Pumphouse Hotel, located directly on the lake.

Did you know? Russell Falls is the most beautiful waterfall in Tasmania and belongs to the Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Day 5
Lake St. Clair – Cradle Mountain

Waking up and witnessing the sun beams dancing across the smooth surface of Lake St. Clair sounds like a dream Once you manage to convince yourself that this spectacular setting is real, another exciting day along the rally route lies in store. As the dreamy Pumphouse Point grows ever smaller in the rear view mirror, the salt content in the air increases. The picturesque port town of Strahan, accessible via the Targa stage, is situated in the natural Macquarie Harbour. It is easy to lose yourself in the captivating views of the horizon here. The route takes in a culinary stop at Tullah and then leads on to the Cradle Mountain Hotel. It is close to the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, which has been listed as a World Heritage Site, and is at the very heart of Tasmania’s wild, natural landscape.

Day 6
Cradle Mountain – Launceston

It is time to test the race car DNA of the Porsche. Six stages of Targa Tasmania will be taken on, offering up long panoramic stretches and delightfully twisty roads. The destination is Peppers Silo hotel in Launceston. As the name suggests, the hotel used to store crops in four large silos until quite recently. Now, guests can enjoy views of the River Tamar, as it meanders directly into the open sea. With a glass of wine and small, beautifully created dishes, you can gaze at the sunset over the river at Stillwater.

Did you know? Strictly speaking, the River Tamar is not actually a river. It is a transitional body of water and carries salt water. Due to its link to the sea, it is also connected to tidal patterns.

Day 7
Launceston – Freycinet

A place for both rally drivers and geologists. At least for now, as the rocks in Freycinet National Park reveal up to 400 million years of history. The rugged granite rocks, perched directly on the white, sandy beaches and overlooking the sapphire blue waters, are a place of inspiration and relaxation. Things seem to move at a slower pace here. First, however, there are four stages of the Targa rally to complete, which lead straight to a small boat from the harbour at St. Helens. Here, you can enjoy freshly caught seafood and delicious fish snacks after you have worked up an appetite. As common wisdom says, the best place to eat is where the locals go. The next section of the rally, Pyengana, leads on to Saffire Lodge. This was recently named the world’s best luxury hotel – and not simply because Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay are just a short hop away. Saffire Lodge offers high-class amenities and is able to provide for every desire its guests may have an exquisite setting. A great opportunity to treat oneself to some relaxing time alone.

Day 8

Today, the choice is yours. Relax in the spa, enjoy oysters from the local oyster farm while standing knee-deep in the sea, or take on two exciting stages of Targa Tasmania. Whatever choice is made, the early evening will be rung in relaxed by an exclusive boat ride. This trip ventures into the majestic Wineglass Bay, the splendour of which even the greatest of artists would struggle to reproduce on canvas. With sapphire-blue waters, a diverse range of marine life and mesmerising sunsets, an unforgettable day is guaranteed. There will undoubtedly be many stories to tell from the recent experiences during the group dinner in the hotel afterwards.

Day 9
Freycinet – Hobart

We now return to the capital city, the Porsche is at your service one last time to complete the trip back to Hobart in a small convoy. Along the route, the island offers up authentic, Australian cuisine. The chefs at Glen Albyn Estate will conjure up the colours of Tasmania on diners’ plates. Yes, this is art. Yes, it tastes as amazing as it looks. It’s all about art, as the trip moves beneath the earth: MONA, which is located largely underground, offers an outlandish, illuminating and interactive experience. From the moment you enter the museum, it is quite clear that the billionaire David Walsh is not targeting the plain old ‘rainy day visitor’ with his private collection. The museum itself is not the only attraction here. The culinary tapas creations at Faro, located directly inside the MONA, are as much work of art as the pieces themselves in the adjoining rooms. Moreover Walsh has another ace up his sleeve with MONA Pavilions. Each room is named and designed after a different famous Australian artist or architect. If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night in a work of art, now is your chance.

Day 10

It’s time to say goodbye: from MONA Pavilions and from the island of Tasmania. You will leave with unforgettable memories, such as the exciting stages of Targa Tasmania, numerous magical fishing villages and wild, untamed nature.

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Package includes:

  • 7 days' driving experience in a provided Porsche (2 people per vehicle)
  • Airport transfers
  • Hobart city tour
  • Day trip to Port Arthur and Bangor Vineyard Shed incl. helicopter flights
  • Cooking course in the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery
  • Visit of the famous "The Wall" at Lake St. Clair
  • Ferry trip to and visit of the MONA Museum of Old and New Art
  • All entrance fees according to itinerary
  • All transfers according to itinerary
  • 9 nights’ accommodation with breakfast:
    • 3 nights at the Macq 01 Hotel incl. breakfast
    • 1 night at the Hotel Pumphouse Point incl. breakfast
    • 1 night at the Cradle Mountain Hotel incl. breakfast
    • 1 night at the Peppers Silo Hotel incl. breakfast
    • 2 nights at the Saffire Freycinet Luxury Boutique Lodge incl. breakfast
    • 1 night at the Mona Pavilions incl. breakfast
  • Lunch on 8 days, dinner on 9 evenings
  • Luggage shuttle
  • A welcome gift