Picturesque Coastal Towns, Crystal-Clear Waters and Magnificent Bends.

Duration: 7 days

Tour highlights:

  • Visit scenic fishing villages and port cities on the Adriatic Coast
  • Savour exclusive treats in the truffle capital of Livade
  • Conquer impressive driving stretches along the coast and on winding mountain roads

If you have not been to Croatia yet, its many facets may astonish you. With its long Adriatic Coast, authentic port cities and views of countless islands, this tour offers more than just driving thrills. The culinary delights will also live long in your memory.


Day 1

On the very first leg of your journey, a chauffeur will take the wheel – from Zagreb Airport to the nationally renowned luxury hotel Esplanade. This historic Art Deco house was originally built to provide suitable accommodation for the discerning passengers of the Orient Express. After a guided tour through Zagreb, you can spend the evening talking some more with your fellow Porsche enthusiasts at the top-class hotel restaurant Zinfandel’s. The restaurant is named for the famous black grapes whose vines were exported from Dalmatia in Croatia to the USA at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Croatians have always known how to enjoy themselves.

Did you know...? Zagreb is young, vibrant, and creative. You will immediately feel the city’s unique vibe when you take a stroll. Even the museums are anything but ordinary, such as the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla or the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Day 2
Zagreb – Lovran – Rovinj

Idemo, as the Croatians say: Let’s go! An impressive range of the latest Porsche models are lined up for you and your fellow drivers to go and take in the sights of Karlovac. Along winding mountain roads, you will continue on to the Adriatic coast and the traditional seaside resort of Lovran: the Draga di Lovrana restaurant. Young head chef Deni Srdoc uniquely combines Mediterranean and French cuisines, thereby creating a new Croatian original. A true gem of Croatian architecture is the charming port city of Rovinj in the region of Istria. The Grand Hotel Park Rovinj offers you splendid views of this ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ with an exquisite dinner against a spectacular backdrop.

Did you know...? All roads lead to Saint Euphemia – the symbol of Rovinj. Wherever you stroll around the city’s winding alleys, you simply cannot miss the three-aisled church that sits perched on a hill.

Day 3
Rovinj – Livade – Opatija

Essentially, the only purpose of a bend is to enable the driver to change directions. Except when you happen to drive a Porsche. The bends on the mountain roads on the Istrian peninsula, some of which are even rally courses, will fill you with pure driving excitement. And a pit stop in Livade provides pure culinary pleasure: with an exclusive range of truffle dishes at Zigante Restaurant. Passing by vineyards and olive groves, you continue your drive on narrow winding roads along the coast as far as Opatija, famous for its sprawling parks and grand hotels. One of the town’s finest, the Hotel Milenij, is located directly on the beach promenade and offers you a luxurious space for relaxation after the sporty drive.

Did you know...? Livade does not owe its reputation as a world centre of truffles to a truffle pig, but rather to a dog by the name of Diana. When Giancarlo Zigante took her for a walk on 2 November 1999, she uncovered a truffle weighing 1.3 kg – the biggest in the world at that time.

Day 4
Opatija – Pag Island – Zadar

A classic European coastal road extends out into the western part of Croatia – a real treat for Porsche fans such as yourself. On your right: the turquoise sea. On your left: the steep cliffs of the hinterland. And under your wheels: the ever-winding asphalt. A Croatian dream. Another speciality of this wonderful country comes from the island of Pag. The award-winning hard cheese ‘Paški sir’ is made entirely of sheep’s milk and carries the aroma of the entire island. Goat’s and cow’s milk cheeses also mature into culinary treasures here, refined with the famous truffles or local herbs such as sage and lavender. A cheese tasting gives you the chance to explore the secrets of this delicious fare. In this case, the cheese does not mark the end of a meal but serves as an appetiser for a traditional Croatian lunch at restaurant Konoba Prtoric, right in the heart of the idyllic landscape on the island of Pag. In Zadar, situated on a headland, your eventful day trip comes to an end at Hotel Bastion – with some delicious highlights of Croatian cuisine.

Did you know...? Some years ago, the sea off the Zaddar coast started to reveal its extraordinary musical talent – for those who know how to listen. Designed in 2005, Sea Organ’s pipes look just like regular steps leading down to the water. However, they contain hollow spaces that fill up with water and air in time with the waves. The wind thus enchants captivated listeners with new musical compositions every day.

Day 5
Zadar – Krka National Park – Split

The Krka National Park will delight you with a spectacular natural wonder: 7 mighty waterfalls crash into the depths from a great height here. In between the torrents, the river Krka meanders through canyon-like gorges, along gentle, green slopes, drifting past old fortress ruins and a secluded monastery island. Allow your heart to be filled with wonder and amazement on a guided tour through this unique environment, including a lunch break in the midst of the waterfalls. Today’s destination is located at the heart of Split, Croatia’s second-largest city: the 5-star Park Hotel. Over dinner in one of the beautiful port city’s finest restaurants, the strongest impressions of the day may vie for the pole position in your mind with new excitement for the local cuisine.

Did you know...? Split is located on a peninsula, but it is also surrounded by the Biokovo mountains. However, the main attraction of the 1,700-year-old city is not its extraordinary location, but Diocletian’s Palace, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

Day 6
Split – Mali Ston – Dubrovnik

The Peljesac peninsula is situated directly off the Dalmatian Adriatic coast and easily accessible by ferry. Its elongated mountain ridge is part of the Dinaric Alps, with valley areas located below sea level. The old fishing village of Mali Ston is a highlight of your trip. The clean waters of the bay are perfect for the traditional practice of oyster farming. So, it is no surprise that many of Croatia’s leading culinary spots are located here, such as the restaurant Bota-Šare. With its anchored boat, it offers the perfect atmosphere for oyster tasting and a freshly caught lunch. Well-refreshed, you can focus once more on the most stunning routes the mainland has to offer – until you spot the outline of the Old City of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the horizon. Villa Dubrovnik sits perched on a clifftop. This is one of the most exclusive hotels in the entire country with fantastic views over the city. The expression ‘a feast for the eyes’ takes on a whole new meaning at the farewell dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Did you know...? The tie, fountain pen and ballpoint pen were all invented in Croatia, as you will see from the range of products stocked in many of the local souvenir shops. If you prefer a tastier souvenir, your best bet is to pick some of the natural products from the region, such as olive oil, wine, honey and, of course, truffles.

Day 7

If you have some time left before your departure, spend it exploring the sights of Dubrovnik with a guided tour: from the Stradun, the main promenade where all festivities and processions are held, to Dubrovnik Cathedral and the Franciscan Pharmacy, which dates back to 1317 and is one of the oldest in Europe. Of course, this will make saying goodbye not any easier. However, it may take your joyful anticipation of the next Porsche Experience to new heights.

Did you know...? Dubrovnik once belonged to the Republic of Venice, and the Venetians were experts at protecting their important trading city. The imposing fortress wall, which extends into the sea, and the almost 2-kilometre-long city wall can still be seen today. Together with the Old City, this unique set of structures has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

* Please note: the tour from 10.10. - 16.10 2021 will take place in reverse order.
Start: Villa Dubrovnik / end: Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.

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Additional Information

Minimum number of participants:
16 persons

Package includes:

  • 5 days driving experience in provided Porsche (2 persons per vehicle)
  • Airport transfers
  • Zagreb city tour
  • Truffles highlight
  • Cheese tasting
  • Guided tour of the Krka waterfalls
  • Oyster tasting
  • Dubrovnik city tour
  • 6 nights’ accommodation including breakfast:
    • 1 night at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel
    • 1 night at the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj
    • 1 night at the Hotel Milenij
    • 1 night at the Hotel Bastion
    • 1 night at the Hotel Park
    • 1 night at the Villa Dubrovnik
  • 5 lunches, 6 dinners
  • Luggage shuttle
  • Porsche Experience package

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