An adventure into a world of snow and ice.

Duration: 8 days

Tour highlights:

  • One-day driving training on snow and ice
  • A large amount of driving time through Scandinavia's breathtaking winter scenery
  • Visit to the North Cape
  • Swimming in a survival suit
  • Husky tour to king crab fishing experience

Icy temperatures, arctic winds and snow as far as the eye can see – get ready for the challenges and picturesque winter scenery of northern Scandinavia. On the journey from Levi in Finland to the North Cape in Norway, you defy all the adversities of this challenging route with your Porsche Cayenne. Face the extreme driving conditions of the Arctic on long and varied stages – for a driving adventure that will not leave you cold.


Your itinerary

Day 1

The first polar researchers to race to the North Pole would probably have loved such a comfortable journey to get here – transfers leave from one of Europe’s northernmost airports in Kittilä to the winter sports resort in Levi. The 4-star hotel Levi Panorama not only offers some of the finest views of the area and ski region, but also surprises with culinary specialities such as reindeer meat on its menu. A dinner together in the hotel's own restaurant provides the perfect start to the next few days in one of remotest, snowiest regions in Finland.

Did you know…? Levi is 135 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. It is the most renowned winter sports centre in Finland and has been voted the best Finnish ski resort 4 times.

Day 2
Porsche Driving Area Levi

Green light for the warm-up lap: a driving training on the Porsche Driving Area Levi ensures optimal preparation for the winter road conditions. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants learn how to handle the Porsche Cayenne safely and at the same time sportively in extreme Arctic conditions. The focus is on maximising safety through the targeted improvement of driving skills – without missing out the driving pleasure. After some culinary refuelling in the evening, a restful night’s sleep in Hotel Levi Panorama will guarantee participants have enough opportunity to dream of braking, turning and feeling the grip until sunrise.

Did you know...? The Porsche Driving Area Levi also hosts the driving programmes Ice Experience, Ice Force, Ice Force Pro and Ice Cup of the Porsche Ice Experience. So if you got a taste after the warm-up lap, you should come here again – for more intensive training on snow and ice.

Day 3
Levi – Kautokeino – Alta

At the latest by the next morning, everyone's thirst for adventure is awakened. The Porsche Cayenne will tackle the snowy white route to Alta, a town in the northern Norwegian porvince of Finnmark. The road is rarely shared with any other cars, but there are certainly plenty of reindeer to see along the way. At the Norwegian border, clocks go back an hour. This makes lunch at Thon Hotel in Kautokeino double the pleasure. Also the afternoon benefits from the time given – the breathtaking fjord and mountain scenery and view of the sea are simply too good not to stop and enjoy along the way. The road becomes narrower some 20 kilometres from Alta. Nestled in a secluded forest area surrounded by mountains and a world away from civilisation lies Onga Mountain Lodge. Time for warm up in the sauna and relaxation before the day slowly passes into the night with a dinner. If wished you can spend the night in an igloo with a breathtaking panoramic view on the starry sky.

Did you know…? Alta is the largest town in the northernmost province of Norway – a region with a milder climate in the otherwise bitterly cold North. Rock carvings protected by UNESCO tell of the life of Norway's indigenous people, the Sámi, and invite visitors to immerse themselves into their world.

Day 4
Alta – North Cape – Lakselv

The North Cape is much more than just a coordinate on the map. It unites the Atlantic with the Arctic – and immediately captivates every visitor. This is why there is only one direction for the excited Porsche drivers early this morning: north. Weaving along awe-inspiring coastlines and rugged fjords with precipitous cliffs. For the last 13 kilometres, even the field-tested Porsche Cayenne needs a little help from a snow plough, which drives ahead of the convoy to clear the route. The destination awaits with a truly extraordinary sight: the slate plateau. With its world-famous globe, it reigns over the landscape at around 300 metres above the Arctic Ocean. After a snack in front of this unbelievable scenery, we will travel along the coast to Lakselv Hotell. After these impressive experiences, however, sleep may well be the last thing on your mind.

Did you know...? The slate plateau is the northernmost point of Europe that can be reached by car. The ‘true’ northernmost point of the continent is actually Knivskjellodden, a promontory located 3 kilometres further to the west of the North Cape. The first tourist to visit the North Cape was Italian priest Francesco Negri in 1664. Since then it has attracted travellers from all over the world.

Day 5
Lakselv – Tana – Kongsfjord

Get in, drive off and enjoy the view. Today is long, winding coastal road is guaranteed to offer pure driving pleasure. From Tana, the road leads towards Kunes, which lies at the foot of Laksefjord, where we will stop to have a visit at a baby salmon farm. In Tana a Sámi family invites open-minded gourmets to a typical lunch in a characteristic tent. The night's lodging directly by the Kongsfjord also echoes the country's traditional charm, framed by a rugged lonely environment.

Did you know...? The Kongsfjord Bird Sanctuary was founded in 1973. The rocks and flat islands in the inner part of Kongsfjord are particularly popular breeding grounds for many sea birds. If you keep your eyes open, you can spot eider ducks, crested eiders and glaucous gulls.

Day 6
Kongsfjord – Kirkenes

The port of Kirkenes is the gateway to the Barents Sea. At the border to Russia, Porsche enthusiasts can expect a diverse programme. Those who need to cool off after the challenging drive from Kongsfjord to Kirkenes can take a float in the ice-cold sea – ideally in a survival suit. 400 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the exclusive tour group will reach the spectacular Kirkenes Snowhotel. The palace of snow and ice offers the opportunity for a short break, before it goes for a Husky tour to the king crab fishing again out into the winter wonderland. On a sledge pulled by a snowmobile, the new crab fishermen will arrive at a charming hut, where they will prepare their catch following the traditional recipe. Back at the hotel, there will be enough time to admire the impressive snow and ice sculptures and after the dinner enjoy a nightcap together in Norway’s largest ice bar.

Did you know…? A night at the Kirkenes Snowhotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The hotel is rebuilt every winter, inviting guests to enjoy Arctic nights in themed suites that shimmer in bluish-white and offer incredible stillness like you have never experienced before. Every suite has its own intricately carved ice sculpture. With a constant room temperature of -4 degrees Celsius, special thermal sleeping bags provide the necessary warmth for a cosy night's sleep.

Day 7
Kirkenes – Inari – Levi

Long straights, endless expanses, unlimited driving pleasure: the return journey from Kirkenes to Finland guarantees plenty of thrills. Your Porsche Cayenne will cut elegant lines straight through the crystal-white snow. Close to the Finnish municipality of Inari, a lunch will provide the North Cape conquerors the necessary energy before they drive into the sunset on the final leg to Levi. Upon arrival at Hotel Levi Panorama, a transfer will await for the last few kilometres of the day. After all, there is hardly a better end to a snowy trip through northern Scandinavia than a late dinner at the restaurant of the Northern Lights Ranch.

Did you know…? The name Sámi comes from the Baltic word žeme, which roughly translates as ‘land’. It is also written Saami or Sami. It was not until the 1970s that the name Sámi began to be accepted. Today, it is the official term used to refer to the population. Nowadays, the name Lapp is often considered as derogatory.

Day 8

Báze dearvan! With these words, the Sámi, Finland and the entire Porsche Adventure Experience team say goodbye. Those who would like to delay their farewell for a while can arrange to extend their stay for a few more days. This leaves more time to hunt for unique souvenirs. Although the most beautiful souvenir will certainly be the memory of a week full of impressive views and challenging drives.

Did you know…? Levi has something for every fan of winter sports. Depending on snow conditions, the season lasts from October to early May. Rising to 531 metres, the Levi mountain has a total of 27 ski lifts. Of the 230 kilometres of cross-country tracks – which are suitable for both classic and free techniques – 28 kilometres are illuminated. And those itching to explore the white wonderland on snowshoes have 18 kilometres of hiking trails at their disposal.

Single room upon request (see additional information)

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Contact Information

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Additional Information

Minimum number of participants:
8 people

Package includes:

  • 1 day driving training on snow and ice
  • 5 days of driving experience in a provided Porsche Cayenne
    (2 persons per vehicle)
  • Transfers according to programme
  • 7 nights accommodation inclusive breakfast
    • 3 nights at Hotel Levi Panorama
    • 1 night at Sorrisniva Hotel
    • 1 night at Lakselv Hotel
    • 1 night at Kongsfjord Gjestehus
    • 1 night at Kirkenes Snowhotel
  • Lunch on 6 days, dinner on 7 evenings
  • Porsche Experience package

For single room registrations (9.690,00 € p.p.) please contact the Porsche Travel Experience team.