African adventure: red dunes, wild animals and rough terrain.

Duration: 10 days

Tour highlights:

  • Drive through the moon landscape in the Swakop with overnight stay
  • Luxurious lodges in the middle of the wilderness
  • Unique breakfast in the desert of Sossusvlei
  • Spectacular views on game drives and river cruises in safari boats
  • Trip to Victoria waterfalls incl. helicopter flight
  • Private flights in small aircrafts to luxury lodges in Namibia and Botswana
  • Experience the highlights of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

Exotic animals in the great outdoors, breathtaking landscapes and challenging journeys over endless expanses: Discover Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Whether at the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne, by helicopter, on safari boats or during guided game drives through huge nature parks – the view is always overwhelming. Get excited about a journey that will exceed all your expectations.


Your itinerary

Day 1

After arriving at the airport of the Namibian capital, a comfortable transfer takes you directly to a 9,000-hectare game reserve. The Porsche Travel Experience team welcomes you and your fellow participants to the authentic Omaanda Lodge in the heart of this fantastic environment. Framed by 10 spacious guesthouses in traditional round architecture and an unbelievable natural setting, your first dinner already offers the opportunity to look around, marvel and enjoy.

Did you know...? The establishment of Omaanda Lodge was inspired by Angelina Jolie. In Cambodia, she came across the Zannier Hotel Phum Baitang. She enthusiastically suggested to its creator that the sustainable concept of the hotel group for the preservation of the natural environment and the protection of native animals should also be implemented in Namibia. Zannier Hotels then partnered with the Naankusê Foundation to create a gigantic nature reserve – at the heart of which Omaanda Lodge now offers sustainable tourism.

Day 2
Windhoek – Solitaire – Sossusvlei

The desert is calling: From Omaanda Lodge, you will drive on wide sandy tracks towards Sossusvlei. Past the secluded village of Solitaire, your trail leads deep into the Namib Desert. In the early afternoon, the Kwessi Dunes Lodge, newly opened in 2020, comes into view amidst the sand dunes. Surrounded by vast desert expanses, you can enjoy fascinating vistas. The lodge’s 10 luxurious chalets feature a unique “star gazer bedroom” – fully open to the sky and the perfect place for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping under Namibia’s starry sky.

Did you know...? In contrast to the omnipresent desert sand, the culinary highlight of the lonely settlement Solitaire is not dry at all. Moses Bakery sells what are probably the tastiest and juiciest apple pies in all of Africa. The recipe by founder Moses McGregor, who grew up in Zambia, the son of a German mother and a Scottish father, has remained unchanged to this day.

Day 3

Your next day starts before sunrise. In your trusty motorised companion, you will take on the desert again. On the loose and deep sand, you must ensure to keep moving at all times. Because if you stop, only a manual push will get the car going again. The destination of the most demanding stage of your tour: the Vlei. In the salt and clay plain surrounded by sand dunes, you may think you have spotted a mirage. Under shady trees, richly laid tables await you – a unique breakfast in African style. If you are ready for more action, you can also enjoy the view from above and climb the dunes. After your last sip of coffee and probably the thousandth gaze into the distance, it is time to make your way back. After lunch at the lodge, the next adventures are already waiting for you. Set off on a safari in the extensive game reserve, a guided hike or a quad bike tour. Or enjoy the peace and quiet of the lodge. At nightfall, everyone is back for a delicious dinner with regional specialties.

Did you know...? The roar of the Porsche Cayenne engines is not the only sound to marvel at in the desert. So-called “singing dunes” produce a deep and loud humming caused by sand avalanches – which can last for up to 15 minutes and can sometimes be heard more than 10 kilometres away.

Day 4
Sossusvlei – Moon landscape of the Swakop

From the desert to the moon – that is how far your Porsche Cayenne can take you. As long as you remember to keep the minimum distance of one kilometre to the car in front of you. Otherwise, your view will be obscured by the huge clouds of dusts kicked up by the vehicles on the unpaved gravel roads. You will find that the lonely drive will make the feeling of freedom all the more intense. A “stopover” at the Rostock Ritz Restaurant will give you the necessary energy for the second part of the route. After a few hours of driving, the bizarre rock formations along the route become more and more numerous: behold the moon landscape of the Swakop in all its very particular beauty. Driving past impressive granite towers and seemingly unreal geological formations, you will suddenly come upon a surprisingly comfortable camp. A spacious tent with a cosy camp bed for the night and an exceptional shower is available for each team of drivers. Comparing these accommodations to a regular campsite would be like comparing apples and extremely fancy oranges. Especially as the real luxury is the unbelievable scenery. The priceless memory of a starry campfire night on the moon will last you a lifetime.

Did you know...? The Namibian Wolfgang “Kücki” Kühhirt opened the Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge in 1989, after his apprenticeship in Germany and Switzerland and 20 years of professional experience in Swakopmund. He was one of the first hoteliers to exclusively employ Namibians, including in leading positions, which makes him a pioneer in the domestic hotel industry.

Day 5
Moon landscape of the Swakop – Swakopmund

Framed by grey moon rocks and the blue sky of Namibia, your next morning begins with another unforgettable breakfast. On the following drive to Swakopmund, you will be treated to some fine scenery – and to a tasty lunch with fish specialties. The Strand Hotel Swakopmund, the best hotel in Swakopmund, is located directly at a historic pier where the Namibian dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean. After your arrival, you can spend the late afternoon on the beach or take a walk in the footsteps of colonial history. In the evening, enjoy a relaxed dinner in the city – and reflect on the scenic contrasts of this country.

Did you know...? Fishing on the coast of Namibia has a long tradition and is still very important for the economy of the country. On the local menus you can find hake, jackfish, sardines and anglerfish.

Day 6
Swakopmund – Caprivi Region

In the cradle of serenity, there is no need to hurry and rush. Start the new day at your own pace. In your Porsche Cayenne, if you are so inclined. Explore your surroundings even more closely on another tour. The whole group meets again at lunchtime. With fresh energy, the convoy then drives to Swakopmund Airport. A chartered small aircraft takes you to the luxurious Nambwa Tented Lodge in the Caprivi Region. The tented accommodations are located directly above the elephant migration routes – nestled in densely overgrown treetops. A game drive in open safari jeeps gives you the chance to meet the wild animals of the continent up close and personal. If you cannot get enough of such views, you are in luck: Just in time for dinner high up in the magnificent treetops, more and more animals are passing under the lodge into the forest. And at night, their many voices will serenade you with their incomparable lullaby.

Did you know...? The elephants’ search for the next waterhole is much more exhausting than a drive in a Porsche Cayenne. The pachyderms travel up to 70 kilometres a day to supply themselves and their herds with water.

Day 7
Caprivi Region

Shortly after sunrise, you may want to start out on a new adventurous game drive and a breakfast in the wilderness. Or you may prefer to stay on the viewing terrace and enjoy the animals strolling past below the lodge. Between lunch and high tea, there is more time for you to watch, marvel and enjoy the sights of wildlife at the Nambwa Tented Lodge. In the late afternoon, a boat trip across the Kwando River with a sundowner and delicious snacks offers you an exciting change of perspective. Kick back and relax on the leisurely flowing water – and do not worry, because the boat driver also keeps a close eye on the mighty hippos and lurking crocodiles. Back on the protective wooden plateau, you can share your discoveries with everyone at the open fire – while the returning animals below the lodge add countless more glimpses into this fascinating world.

Did you know...? Namibia was the first country in the world to include nature preservation in its constitution. A huge success: By now, more than 44 percent of the country’s land area is under state protection and used sustainably.

Day 8
Caprivi Region – Kasane

If you are an early riser, your day begins with a game drive. After meeting with the wildlife inhabitants of the forest, private small aircrafts will take you and your fellow travellers to Kasane. The small town is very close to Chobe Game Lodge on the banks of the Chobe River. After a short transfer to the world-famous Chobe National Park in Botswana, the 5-star safari lodge welcomes you with all the comforts imaginable here – and an overwhelming panorama. The nature reserve will inspire you with an unusual diversity of species. If you would like to see as much as possible of it after lunch, a game drive or a boat safari in the late afternoon have got you covered. Boating down the Chobe River, you will pass the largest elephant herds to be found far and wide, impressive buffalo herds, antelopes and giraffes, huge sandbanks with thousands of exotic birds and hippos lounging in picturesque lagoons. After an exquisite meal, the private terraces of the guest rooms invite you to end the evening on a quiet note – and to look forward to tomorrow.

Did you know...? Near Kasane, the states of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe form the only four-nation quadripoint in the world. However, part of the border between Namibia and Zimbabwe is still disputed. It is a mere 100 metres long. According to some geographers, the quadripoint could one day become a tripoint. A good reason to travel there before this happens.

Day 9
Kasane – Victoria Falls – Kasane

From one magnificent river to the next: The Zambezi River shows its most beautiful face at the Victoria Falls. The spray from the gigantic waterfalls rises to a height of over 300 meters and nurtures the nearby rainforest. So, what could be nicer than having a closer look at this natural spectacle? Small private aircraft will take you and the group from Kasane to the Victoria Falls. During the following panoramic helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls and an informative guided tour, you may run out of superlatives. Your lunch at the Victoria Falls Hotel may have a similar effect. You could not wish for a more dignified and impressive conclusion to this journey through the heart of Africa. On your return flight to Kasane and dinner at Chobe Lodge, you and your fellow travellers’ will likely talk about nothing but the magnificence of world’s largest waterfall.

Did you know...? Missionary David Livingstone became a poet in the face of the indescribable Victoria Falls. After his discovery, he noted: “No one can imagine the beauty of the view from anything witnessed in England. It had never been seen before by European eyes; but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”

Day 10
Kasane – Windhoek

After the flight from Kasane to Windhoek Airport, it is time for you to bid a fond farewell – to fascinating animals, breathtaking landscapes and exciting excursions. If you would like to extend your stay individually, you can enjoy Namibia’s diversity for a little longer. But as the saying goes: Anyone who has ever been to Africa always returns here. After all, you simply cannot discover all the natural sights of this continent in just a few days.

Did you know...? Due to its social stability and the peaceful coexistence of Namibian ethnic groups, Windhoek is regarded as an exemplary social model of an African metropolis. With its small street cafés and beer gardens, the city centre conveys the charm of a tranquil Central European city. One of the sights is the ‘Tintenpalast’, or Ink Palace. The seat of the parliamentary lower house owes its somewhat mocking name from colonial times to the high ink consumption of its once numerous scribes.

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Contact Information

For more information, please call
+49 (0) 711 508 705 39
or email porschetravelexperience@sporttotal.com

Additional Information

Minimum number of participants:
12 persons

Package includes:

  • 5 days of driving experience in a provided Porsche Cayenne (2 persons per vehicle)
  • Airport transfers from Windhoek Airport to Omaanda Lodge
  • Exclusive breakfast in the Vlei
  • Fees for designated national parks
  • Game drives & activities of Kwessi Dunes Lodge as offered by the lodge
  • Exclusive dinner in the moon landscape
  • Charter flight in small aircrafts from Swakopmund to the Caprivi Region to the Nambwa Tented Lodge
  • Exclusive game drives at the Nambwa Tented Lodge
  • High Tea at the Nambwa Tented Lodge
  • Boat trip in the Caprivi Region
  • A guided bush walk incl. breakfast in the Caprivi Region
  • Charter flight in small aircrafts from the Caprivi Region to Kasane Airport incl. transfer to Chobe Game Lodge
  • Game drives & programmes of the Chobe Game Lodge as offered by the lodge
  • Day trip incl. panoramic helicopter flight over Victoria Falls and lunch at Victoria Falls Hotel
  • Charter flight in small aircraft from Kasane Airport to Windhoek Airport
  • 9 nights’ accommodation including breakfast:
    • 1 night at the Omaanda Lodge
    • 2 nights at the Kwessi Dunes Lodge
    • 1 night in a comfortable tent camp in the moon landscape near Swakopmund
    • 1 night in the Strand Hotel Swakopmund
    • 2 nights in the Nambwa Tented Lodge
    • 2 nights in the Chobe Game Lodge
  • 8 lunches, 9 dinners
  • Porsche Experience Package