Behind the Scenes

It is the middle of the night. It all happens unnoticed. The endless miles of fresh ice prepared for the day of driving ahead and the final check of the engines of up to 90 Porsche models. All of the excitement and the hustle and bustle remain unnoticed. At most, there is a puff of breath that slips into the air. Or a drop of sweat that freezes before it hits the ground. For the participants of the Ice Experience in Lapland, the hard, endless work of the multi-person team takes place out of sight. The individual cogs involved in the Ice Experience adventure are all closely interconnected. Perfectly coordinated. Like clockwork. Or better still: like the unit of a six cylinder.

Extreme weather conditions, like those during wintertime in Lapland, present a tough endurance test for both people and materials. Technology and electronics are tested to the limit. Behind every drive, there is rigorous testing. Especially when the physical forces are working to the extreme and the drivers are pushed right to the limit. The Porsche Ice Experience in Levi is an invitation to experience this. Reach the destination of your sporting dreams. This is as exciting as it gets.