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Which Porsche Would You Like to Drive?

Are you dreaming of driving a Porsche on the recently opened PEC Hockenheimring (GER)? With the Warm-up and E-Warm-up training you can expect a day full of the thrills of a sports car.

Discover how it feels to steer a Porsche safely and confidently even in extreme situations and experience the performance of the Porsche model range on offer. Also at the start line in 2020: the Porsche Taycan.

Would you like to experience fully electric driving pleasure on the track? With the E-Warm-up training you can explore Porsche E-mobility for a whole day. Your Porsche Taycan is already waiting for you.

Does your heart beat faster just at the thought of it? One thing is certain: the best dreams are the ones that come true.

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