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Welcome to Lapland

The sound of a snowmobile in the distance cuts through the quiet of the winter landscape. Bitter cold. There is no sign of the warm Gulf Stream that wraps the rest of northern Europe in more pleasant temperatures here. The Arctic is just a little further north. Life here is ruled by the cold. Certainly during the winter months. With temperatures as low as -30°C. Welcome to Lapland: the most northern area of Finland, above the Arctic Circle. An area of 100,366 square kilometres, with a population of just 190,000 people. Far away from the stresses of everyday life in the city. The landscape takes on a unique look during wintertime in particular. During this time of year, Lapland is cloaked almost entirely in white and appears completely untouched. And with a little luck, you may even see the Northern Lights in the sky.

However, there is much more to experience than just the weather in Lapland. Perfectly handling a sports car, for example. The Porsche Ice Experience is at home in Levi. The Nordic adventure has been leaving a strong impression both in the minds of participants and in the snow for many years. The silence and the barren landscape ensure cool heads and the ability to focus on the important things. Lapland is waiting.