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Welcome to the Porsche Ice Experience

Life is a series of moments. There are over half a million minutes in a year. But how many of them are really memorable? It is memories that make our lives, not material things. Sometimes, the opportunities are within easy reach, and sometimes, they are an eternity away. And there is a great deal of courage, too. Adrenalin leads to serotonin. Excitement leads to joy. Hot chocolate versus thrills on ice. Slippers versus spikes. The barren Finnish landscape sharpens your focus. And is rewarding. There are no distractions here. Everything is white. It’s just the sports car and you. And the next bend. And the drift after that. Time. Snow. Ice. Cold. Heat. In your mind. In your heart. In the rear of your sports car. Everywhere.

Lapland has so much to offer. So much adventure. So much scenery. So much vastness. So much emotion. So much of everything. Welcome to the Porsche Ice Experience.