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Travel the World – on Its Millions of Twists and Turns.

With a Porsche, the driving pleasure begins from the very first moment – and this same basic rule has also applied to the Porsche Travel Experience for more than 20 years now. The Porsche Travel Experience delights their guests with Porsche cars on some exceptional routes, and offer an exclusive overall package including first class hotels and selected restaurants. Resulting in an unforgettable driving experience, where sports car fascination combines with the drivers’ love of travel.

Leave your everyday life behind – and join the Porsche Travel Experience in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. As a guests. A varied programme to demonstrate how exciting a holiday on the driver seat of a Porsche can be. And how individual. Because, every year, around 100 tours are tailor-made to meet the clients’ requirements. With worldwide tours – from north to south. And group tours, bringing together like-minded people who share a fascination of sports cars. All participants have 2 things in common: they have petrol in their veins and they have an impressive driving companion – a Porsche.

Leave your everyday life behind – with lots of driving pleasure, whether it is for several hours or several days. The choice is yours. This has been the philosophy since 1996. You will be enjoying more than 20 years of exclusivity and experience. Enjoying more than 20 years of the Porsche Travel Experience.