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Making dreams come true with Porsche. 

As soon as the engine starts, only one thing matters: discovering the world with its numerous curves and bends. Time to enjoy. Time to shift down a gear. Get ready to experience the many wonders of the world on and off the road first-hand. The Porsche way. For the love of driving. And for travelling. The Porsche Travel Experience pursues a special goal: to take the ordinary out of the everyday.

Whether in the midst of snowy winter scenery in the Arctic, in warm temperatures in the Namibian desert, over the mysterious volcanic terrain of Iceland or along the picturesque coastal roads of faraway places, the Porsche Travel Experience fascinates in an infinite number of ways. Get in and explore the most beautiful regions in the world.

You can choose between driving-intensive and experience-oriented tours. Culinary delights, pulsating metropolises, cultural highlights, dreamlike landscapes and plenty of driving fun guarantee unforgettable impressions on every journey. Experienced tour guides show you the most exciting places far off the beaten track. For this, the Porsche Travel Experience relies on more than 25 years of making holiday dreams come true. Numerous stopovers also give you the opportunity to capture spectacular views forever. Local vintners, distillers and delicatessen suppliers invite you to enjoy unforgettable tastings. Exciting activities push adrenaline levels as high as the challenging stages behind the wheel of a Porsche. 

Satisfy your wanderlust together with Porsche enthusiasts from all over the globe and find out what's behind the Porsche Travel Experience trips. Secure your dream holiday today.