Porsche Experience

Mission Unstoppable. Make it Yours.

Drive a Porsche on ice. On the racetrack. On dream routes. To the most beautiful places, Selected hotels, and exclusive restaurants.
A dream. A Porsche. And you.No matter whether you are working on your motorsport licence at the Hockenheimring, etching your ideal line into the serpentines of southern France, or drifting across the ice track far beyond the Arctic Circle. As varied as the Porsche Experience is, all events have one thing in common: You are sure to have the best seat – the driver’s seat of a Porsche.
Great Cars. Endless driving pleasure. Depending on which Experience you choose, you can bring your own Porsche or use a vehicle provided by the operator. You are always offered a choice of various models. In this way, your Experience can also be a unique test drive in a latest-generation Porsche.
Great Spots. Travelling in Porsche dimensions. Each Porsche Experience takes you to unique places: Travel to the most exclusive destinations in Europe and around the world with the Travel Experience. Zoom over Germany’s most exciting racetracks with the Track Experience. Or drift across the ice tracks of Lapland, far beyond the Arctic Circle, with the Ice Experience.
Great Experiences. Leaving the everyday behind.On the serpentine road, on the ice track, or on the start-finish straight. In the most dazzling metropolises, the world’s best hotels, or the most award-winning restaurants. With the your best friends, your most loyal customers, or your dearest colleagues. Your Porsche Experience can include anything. Except boredom.
Routes that will make your Porsche heart race faster.
No matter which Porsche Experience you choose: A breath-taking, unforgettable, unique driving experience is guaranteed. And has been for 40 years.

The range of Porsche Experiences.A Porsche Experience for all the senses. More adrenaline on the road, or more culture and culinary delights off it?
Fun activities are part of the package.Porsche is more than just driving. Porsche is a lifestyle. That is why the non-driving activities of your Experience are just as exciting as the driving itself: Look forward to city trips, sightseeing, and unforgettable stays in the most exclusive hotels and restaurants. And combine your Experience with additional options according to your personal preferences.
The Individual Experience. Realise your wildest dreams and create a tailor-made group experience Together with the Porsche Experience team.
The superlative experience: your individual experience.Do you want an experience that is as unique as your group? On request, the Porsche Experience team can craft your Experience around your ideas and dreams: from route planning and duration to the selection of car models. From designing the driving programmes and selecting instructors to scheduling additional activities, fine-tuning the choice of hotels and restaurants, and arranging adventures off the racetracks, ice tracks, or Alpine passes. Discover the variety of our programmes and create a group experience that bears your signature. Individual Experience

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Consumption and Emissions 911 GT3 (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 13,0 – 12,9 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 294 – 293 g/km

13,0 – 12,9

l/100 km

294 – 293


Cayenne (WLTP)

Consumption combined: 12,5 – 11,5 l/100 km

CO2-emission combined (WLTP): 283 – 259 g/km

12,5 – 11,5

l/100 km

283 – 259


911 Carrera (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 10,8 – 10,3 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 245 – 233 g/km

10,8 – 10,3

l/100 km

245 – 233


911 Targa Models (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 11,3 – 10,4 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 257 – 236 g/km

11,3 – 10,4

l/100 km

257 – 236