Safety Measures

Dear customers / interested parties / website visitors,

Leaving the familiar behind. Adapting to new circumstances. Adjusting the route. With a comprehensive hygiene concept that is implemented at all Porsche Experience events – and continuously adapted to the current situation.

Mastering challenges in this way, together with you, is what the Porsche Experience has always done – in the driving programmes and especially in the current situation. As ever, the focus is on adrenaline-fuelled driving fun in safe conditions.

The following hygiene instructions provide an overview of the measures currently implemented at Porsche Experience events. This will allow you to focus on the essential at your next event: maximum driving pleasure. For more enthusiasm per second.

If you have any questions, please call +49 (0) 711 508 705 39 or send an e-mail to Further information on the hygiene concept will also be provided on site.

The Porsche Experience team is looking forward to revving up the engines with you.

Desinfection and Masks
Playing it safe – with hand disinfectant and face masksHand disinfectant in a practical travel-size bottle and FFP2 masks are provided for you on the day of the event. In addition, numerous disinfectant dispensers are placed within reach.
Covid Rapid Tests
For maximum safety – rapid tests on siteTo ensure the safety of all participants and staff members, rapid tests are mandatory at all Porsche Experience events. These tests are carried out on site by qualified medical personnel. Your understanding and cooperation to make this procedure run smoothly is appreciated. Please also note that any costs incurred as a result of an official quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test will not be reimbursed by the tour operator.
Keeping ahead by keeping apartA minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other persons must be maintained. Seating at the event locations is also arranged with this distance in mind.
Protective face masksWearing a face mask (FFP2) is mandatory at all Porsche events. Wearing a mask inside the vehicle is not required if you are driving alone or with your designated companion. However, if you share your vehicle with persons unknown to you, the obligation to wear masks applies for your safety.
Safe handover – with clear hygiene guidelinesAll items handed over to you will be prepared in compliance with hygiene guidelines. Wearing mouth-nose protection is a top priority for Porsche Experience staff when preparing your giveaways, vehicle keys, documents, etc.
Safe and clean – through regular vehicle disinfectionPlease note that all Porsche rental vehicles regularly undergo a disinfection procedure. For this purpose, all personal items must be removed after each driving day.
Switching vehicles – only after consultationChanging vehicles is currently only possible to a limited extent due to the hygiene regulations. Please let the Porsche Experience team know if you are interested in any particular vehicle.
Contact tracing – discreet and secureIn the current situation, your data (name, address, telephone number) will be shared with the relevant service partners and stored for 14 days in order to inform you in the event of infections and to trace potential chains of infection.

Questions or wishes? We’re glad to assist.