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Leave everyday life miles behind you.  At the wheel of a Porsche. On demanding racetracks, mirror-smooth ice tracks or winding dream routes. Driving fun guaranteed.
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Track. Ice. Travel. The portfolio of the Porsche Experience.
Porsche Track Experience. Porsche Driving at its best – on the racetrack.

Get in. Buckle up. Experience more. Your individual high-speed adventure will take you straight to pole position. With Porsche Track Experience, the four progressive stages of DISCOVER, LEARN, BOOST and RACE will help you find your ideal starting point in one of our wide range of training formats, perfectly tailored to your current driving skills. And your dreams. Experience the fascination of the race track. From the first corner to entering motorsport. 

About Track Experience
Porsche Travel Experience. Driving fun meets wanderlust – inspiration with every kilometre.See the journey as the destination. And discover the most beautiful corners of the world. In the sportiest way imaginable – at the wheel of a Porsche. Dream drives in dream cars. Immerse yourself in foreign cities, cultures, and landscapes. Exclusive culinary delights included. About Travel Experience
Porsche Ice Experience. Extreme driving pleasure. Pure thrills. Winter sports the Porsche way.Maximum driving fun under extreme conditions in the far north. In snow and ice. 3 training levels. 1 special training course. Countless moments of joy. Welcome to the driving limits – at the Porsche Driving Area Levi in the wintry paradise of Northern Finland. About Ice Experience
Even more Porsche Experience. For even more adrenaline-pumping driving fun. Worldwide.
Porsche Experience international events. Driving fun beyond borders.Instead of trotting the globe, would you rather explore it in a Porsche? Offered with the same standards, executed by local Porsche subsidiaries and their partners, even more incomparable Porsche Experience events wait you worldwide. About Porsche Experience International
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Consumption and emission. 911 Carrera Cabriolet (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 10,8 – 10,4 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 245 – 236 g/km

10,8 – 10,4

l/100 km

245 – 236


911 GT3 (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 13,0 – 12,9 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 294 – 293 g/km

13,0 – 12,9

l/100 km

294 – 293


911 Carrera (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 10,8 – 10,3 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 245 – 233 g/km

10,8 – 10,3

l/100 km

245 – 233


718 Boxster (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 9,7 – 8,9 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 220 – 201 g/km

9,7 – 8,9

l/100 km

220 – 201


Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (WLTP)

Electrical consumption combined (WLTP): 24,0 – 22,5 kWh/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 0 g/km

Electric range combined (WLTP): 428 – 458 km

Electric range urban (WLTP): 519 – 561 km

24,0 – 22,5

kWh/100 km



428 – 458


911 Targa Models (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 11,3 – 10,4 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 257 – 236 g/km

11,3 – 10,4

l/100 km

257 – 236


911 GT3 RS (WLTP)

Fuel consumption combined: 13,4 l/100 km

CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 305 g/km


l/100 km