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Going fully electric at the limits of driving dynamics – meet the new Porsche Taycan.

Darkness, freezing temperatures, low friction coefficients – not exactly ideal driving conditions. With the Porsche Ice Experience, you will find out why the Taycan performs flawlessly even in deep winter.

In 2020, development engineer Christian Wolfsried will spend a total of fifteen weeks north of the Arctic Circle. It is quiet up here. Completely quiet. The way the Taycan is dancing through the Finnish fairytale forest is almost surreal. The harmonious hum of the Porsche Electric Sport Sound combines an incomparable driving experience with an innovative Porsche sound experience.

Wolfsried sits behind the wheel of the ice-blue Taycan, fully focused and not saying a word. It is not that there is nothing to talk about, but he simply knows that this way, the experience is even more impressive – because there’s absolutely nothing to hear. “The completely different vehicle acoustics certainly is one of the most striking differences,” says Wolfsried.

Even more impressive than the acoustic feedback on the driving status is the ability to control it – and no other car will equal it any time soon. “The advantage of having two completely independently controllable motors on the axles is absolutely priceless. It’s like having four accelerators,” Wolfsried explains enthusiastically. “With the Taycan, we can drive at extreme side slip angles with complete confidence, because we can apply torque to the front axle if needed without having to deal with a spinning rear axle caused by a locked centre differential.”

One thing is certain: ensuring that the Taycan is a real Porsche without compromises took immense efforts. But the finished vehicle delivers across the board. Finland’s icy slopes really bring out the Taycan’s advantages, proving that it performs outstandingly even under the most difficult conditions.