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Two-Day Course for Advanced Participants.

At Porsche, constant further development applies to both car and driver. So, after several driver training courses with the Porsche Track Experience, how about the next level? Master. During this course you are supported by experienced racing instructors. A high-performance car is highly recommended.

You are already an accomplished driver, so you do not need to cover the basics. Instead, the Porsche Track Experience can focus on showing you how to drive more independently and quickly find your way around the track without the aid of cones and instructors. Naturally, this also includes identifying and following the racing line. You will also discover how this can be developed still further.

Training is conducted in small groups and performance is analysed using video recordings. You will also have plenty of time out on the track to put what you have learned into practice and continue to improve your skills – you will even receive one-to-one guidance on some laps of the circuit.

In addition, a workshop (available at selected tracks) covering both theoretical and practical aspects will teach you all you need to know about the chassis and tyres to enable you to transfer the power of your car to the road in the most efficient way.

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