High Emotions despite Temperatures below Freezing.

The SkyWheel at Katajanokka harbour in Helsinki is the biggest Ferris wheel in Finland. With 30 gondolas that promise a fascinating 360-degree view over the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

Anything but ordinary. Looking up from the waterfront, it soon becomes apparent that one of the gondolas is clearly different from all the others. Tinted windows and pinewood panelling. Behind it – the world's first sauna in a Ferris wheel.

The SkySauna combines a unique sauna experience with a comfortable hot tub, private lounge and terrace. Pure, unadulterated relaxation for up to 20 people.

As the wheel goes round, the temperature rises up to 90 °C as the SkySauna reaches up to 40 metres high. After the five to seven minute rotation, the question is: are you ready for two more rounds or a cool down?

The SkySauna is a popular attraction, especially in the summer months. During this time, it is recommended to book several weeks in advance. Depending on capacity, however, late-notice bookings may also be possible.

If you are in Finland, you should definitely plan to visit a sauna. Whether in the SkySauna, at the airport or on a raft in the sea. One thing is certain: the Finnish sauna culture is extremely diverse. Even in Levi, in the far north of Finland, it is an absolute must.

Surrounded by the largest winter sports region lies the Hotel Levi Panorama. On the seventh floor, there is a sauna offering stunning views of the snow-covered slopes. For participants on the Porsche Experience winter programmes, this means that adrenaline-charged days on snow and ice can be followed by a warming session in front of the sauna stove.