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The Ice Whisperers of the Porsche Driving Area.

When the first snows carpet the Porsche Driving Area. When the upper levels of the ground are frozen and Levi is transformed into a fascinating winter landscape. Then it is time to turn this icy idyll into a polar hotspot with ice tracks as smooth as glass.

For the ice whisperers, this means preparing a 280-hectare swamp area to be used as tracks covering around 310,000 square metres.

Once the tracks have been planned, the base layer must be strengthened and expanded. After all, the drift tracks have to withstand a weight of far more than 10 tons. Only then will the ’driving layer’, the boundary walls and the connecting paths be built. A special challenge: after snowfalls, the white splendour must be removed, as snow would insulate and warm up the ice.

On 6 January 2020, the engines can finally be started with the Porsche Driving Area providing perfectly prepared sections and handling tracks. To keep it this way, the ice whisperers will be constantly on duty until March. For an intensive driving experience on snow and ice. Lateral acceleration guaranteed.

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