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Keeping a Cool Head. Despite Hot Drifts.

Some feelings just cannot be described. Only felt yourself. Like the first controlled drift on snow and ice. In a Porsche. An unforgettably intense emotion. This awaits you in the Ice Experience training level with every single curve. After all, exhilaration and thrills are your constant companions on the mirror-smooth ice tracks.

Also always at hand: the experienced Porsche instructors. In a clear and varied way, they teach you safe and sporty driving on this challenging surface. Alongside the theory, the schedule includes driving safety, driving dynamics, driving practice and, above all, driving pleasure. You will learn all the basic drifting and handling techniques that make manoeuvring a Porsche on snow and ice a first-class adventure.

On demanding sections, the bar is gradually raised further. You will skilfully put what you have learned into practice on the first handling tracks. And feel your progress with every fibre of your body – and in every icy curve.

In addition to challenging driving fun, a snowmobile tour also awaits, which is included as an exclusive part of the Ice Experience training level’s supporting programme.

And best of all: after successful completion of the Ice Experience level, you will be well equipped to progress to the next winter training level: Ice Force.

One question remains: Are you ready to leave the beaten track?

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