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Versatile sections, long handling tracks. The perfect setting for outdoor winter sports – on 4 wheels. In an arctic environment. Behind the wheel of a Porsche, the drivers experience the highlight for every Ice Experience participant: the Porsche Driving Area Levi. Embedded in the fascinating winter landscape of Finland, extensive training areas covering over 300,000 m² offer perfectly prepared sections and handling tracks for our driving programmes Ice Experience, Ice Force, Ice Force Pro and Ice Cup. Here, Porsche enthusiasts can improve their driving skills on snow and ice under ideal conditions. Depending on the training level, the conditions can be individually adapted to the wanted driving situation.

Area North & South
Ice Experience
Ice Force
Ice Force Pro

Paddocks, Circles, Figures of Eight, Oval, Flick squares. Keywords and daily programme of the Porsche Ice Experience. The varied sections present participants with new challenges every day. Excitement and driving pleasure guaranteed every second.
From level to level, the length of the handling tracks increases. As well as the desire for more.

Area X
Ice Cup

The Area X, specially prepared for the Ice Cup trainings, tickles the best out of every race car and driver. Long and combinable handling tracks ensure a high proportion of driving. And do not just push the participants to their limits. But also let them grow beyond that.