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Two-Day Course for advanced participants.

Are you one of those people who do not rest easily on their laurels? Then you should feel right at home here. Because it is all about powerful Porsche GT models, high performance for the racetrack, cautiously approaching the most demanding situations. GT cars from our competitors are of course also very welcome.

The Master GT training is dedicated to further improving advanced driver skills and the driving dynamics of these models. However, before you go in search of the racing line, you should get to know your vehicle in greater depth.

The course is perfect for ambitious sports car drivers, ideally those who have already gained experience from other courses at the Porsche Track Experience or the world of motorsport. In small groups under the guidance of experienced racing instructors, you will learn how to steer correctly when cornering and how to use the accelerator and brake pedal to optimum effect. Video and data recordings are analyzed to help you hone your driving skills further. To ensure optimum vehicle stability and performance during circuit driving, you should adapt your driving style to make it as clean as possible.

In short: the aim is to perfect your vehicle control in order to take full advantage of the vehicle’s performance potential. Naturally, on some of the most demanding racetracks that we have selected specially for this course.

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