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Highlights Which Get under the Skin. And Stay There.

Ice-covered circuits. Adrenaline-fuelled driving pleasure. And lots of curves, of course. These are the ingredients of the  Porsche Experience programmes.

North of the Arctic Circle, Porsche Enthusiasts learn how to keep moving both safely and sportily under extreme winter conditions. Accurate braking. Evasive maneuvres. Controlled drift. The amount of specially prepared section trainings and handling courses as well as practical tips and theory depends on the chosen training. That is how the Porsche Ice Experience offers you enough scope – for your personal development.

With their different focal points and objectives, the following winter programmes, which are based on each other, challenge every Porsche driver to explore their personal limits under professional guidance. And to expand it.

That is why the beginner training Ice Experience focuses on basic driving skills on icy surfaces and challenging driving exercises. That alone would be worth the journey. But while the cars rest, the winter adventure continues. The snowmobile tour through unspoilt nature offers amazing experiences against a breathtaking backdrop.

Ice Force lets you feel the limits of driving physics. With load change responses and the alternating interplay of accelerator and brakes, participants learn, up close, how it feels to maneuver a Porsche safely round a curve and with exciting lateral acceleration in these conditions.

In the highest level Ice Force Pro, experiences from the previous training sessions are fully utilized. Skillfully, of course. And with one goal: perfecting your own performance and keeping a cool head even on the most challenging handling courses and in different Porsche models.

The training special Ice Cup offers motorsport enthusiasts the opportunity to master the ice tracks in Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport vehicles, and experience adrenaline-charged motorsport in wintry conditions. The Arctic Circle provides numerous highlights guaranteed to get under the skin. And remain there.

It becomes even more electrifying when you take the Porsche Taycan on the ice slopes. In 2021 Porsche enthusiasts can drive the Taycan within the 3 training levels.