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Porsche Ice Experience: Emotions. Driving Pleasure. Passion.

For many, winter is a time of calm and contemplation. However, at the Porsche Experience, we see things a little differently – very differently, in fact. Tackling drifting, slaloming and braking skills. Varied training contents in specially prepared sections and handling tracks. In different Porsche models. There are no limits to the possibilities. An intensive experience on snow and ice from one second to the next.

Ice Experience, Ice Force, Ice Force Pro and Ice Cup – the training special for motorsport enthusiasts. Under professional guidance and with their different focuses and objectives, the cumulative winter programmes encourage each of the Porsche drivers to push their boundaries. And exceed them.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure – packed with adrenaline and the sheer joy of driving at the limit. Enjoy the indescribable feeling of Porsche performance in its purest form.