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The Training Methods Used by the Instructors: They Let Actions Speak for Themselves.

Just as important as the cars and the racetrack? The instructors, who have one thing in common: the passion for Porsche, and the ability to handle cars well. They are people who understand their field. And know all about it – right down to the last detail. From years of experience and regular training on how to achieve the optimum line.

They therefore have a lot of enthusiasm for the Porsche brand. A passion that they will be pleased to share with you. Behind the wheel of a Porsche. On one of the many racetracks that the Porsche Track Experience offers. Always with a view to supporting you. So that you will learn how to gain better control of your Porsche and be able to assess the driving conditions in every phase, and allow you to react accordingly.

During the driver training, there will usually be 2 instructors per group. Each section is preceded by instructions from the experts and while you are busy perfecting your driving skills, each and every one of your exercises is being monitored. This guarantees not only your safety, but also optimum learning achievement.

If required, the Porsche Track Experience can, of course, also provide you with a personal instructor. They will give you their full attention – along with their wealth of experience.