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Explore the Russian Siberian wilderness, the Altai Mountains, the St. Petersburg palaces, or the Golden Ring in Moscow in a Porsche.

Discover the beauty of the Russian wilderness at the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Baikal in Siberia, the Altai highlands, the Russian polar region, and the Karelian rock formations – on fast serpentine roads or driving cross-country. Enjoy the original national cuisine and get to know the local culture. Experience the lifestyle of the ancient Russian cities of the Golden Ring, the Moscow region, or the imperial beauty of the St. Petersburg palaces. And treat yourself in luxury hotels and modern restaurants. Choose a Porsche 911 for city tours and asphalt routes to get to know modern Russia in a completely new way!

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Porsche Travel Experience Russia
Organiser: Travel Experience Russland Llc.
Telephone: +7 921 8 911 911